Website reflects new brand representing Beach House Inc. and FOCUS partnership

Toledo, OH – Leading Families Home a 501(c)3 charity based in Toledo, Ohio providing resources to support homeless families as they transition to permanent housing launched their new website today. The website launch creates a unified brand representing the merging of Beach House, Inc. and FOCUS.

The new website, provides donors, staff, board members, program participants, community partners and volunteers a virtual place to understand how Leading Families Home impacts the Toledo area. It shines a spotlight on the mission and vision of the organization creating a community with the collective goal of guiding families from homelessness to a home of their own.

“The reasons people become homeless are vastly individualized. Most are related to loss of income, housing, health, safety, or vital support systems. In 2017, we will provide services to more than 300 households experiencing homelessness. Ten of which will be veteran families. That is over 1000 individuals, and based on historical data, more than 500 will be children. Our services are designed to address the interrelated root causes of homelessness, with a longstanding commitment to housing and income improvement as the foundation. Providing immediate shelter in a crisis is extremely important, and what happens over the following days, weeks and months is critical to preventing a person or family from remaining homeless or ending up homeless again. Our new website symbolizes our dedication to service. We understand that making a real difference requires unprecedented action. Leading Families Home is committed to building a better future by engaging partners and pushing policies, perceptions, and practices toward effective solutions.”

-Tammy Holder, CEO

About Leading Families Home

In 2016, Beach House, Inc. and FOCUS joined forces to become Leading Families Home. Collectively, our team has helped households transition from homelessness to permanent housing since 1921. Leading Families Home is building a better future for our community by providing life-changing resources to those in need. Visit for more information.