Being homeless is devastating, but nothing is more heart-breaking than watching your family live on the streets. Keep your head up – Toledo, Ohio, is home to many emergency shelters for families. Many organizations also provide clothing, food, and resources for families – including families with pets!

1) Call 2-1-1 to Find Shelter

Please call 2-1-1 if you are homeless and need shelter. ALL Intakes for Toledo’s homeless shelters are processed through the United Way. For immediate assistance, please dial 2-1-1 from any landline or 1-800-650-HELP to connect with an information and referral specialist.

United Way (211) of Greater Toledo

Family Shelters in Toledo

Not all emergency shelters are able to accept families – several shelters house male and female individuals separately. Here are a few family shelters:

Leading Families Home

Leading Families Home is a 501(c)3 charity based in Toledo, Ohio. LFH provides resources to support homeless families as they transition to permanent housing.

Housing Stabilization – LFH offers emergency shelter and housing through Beach House Family Shelter, Short Term Rapid Rehousing, and Long term Rapid Rehousing.

Leading Families Home
Beach House Family Shelter in Toledo, Ohio

Catholic Charities Diocese of Toledo

Catholic Charities serves the homeless community of Lucas County and Toledo in many ways, including shelter, permanent supportive housing, and programs.

La Posada – Catholic Charities’ homeless shelter offering emergency housing to Toledo-area families.

Catholic Charities Diocese of Toledo
Catholic Charities Diocese of Toledo

Family House

Family House is a non-profit agency dedicated to keeping families together in time of crisis. Family House offers a variety of family-centered programs and services.

Resident Programs – Family House provides shelter, food, and basic needs to Toledo’s homeless in a secured, drug/alcohol/weapon-free facility.

2) Know Your Rights

Being homeless is not a crime, however, local government laws make it illegal to conduct certain activities. Depending on which city you’re in, the following activities may be illegal to perform in public:

  • Camping
  • Sleeping
  • Sitting or Laying Down
  • Loitering, Loafing, Vagrancy
  • Begging
  • Living In Vehicles
  • Food Sharing
  • Property Storage
  • Public Urination, Defecation
  • Scavenging

2019 Prohibited Criminal Conduct ChartChart from Housing Not Handcuffs 2019: Ending the Criminalization of Homelessness in U.S. Cities by National Law Center On Homelessness & Poverty

What’s Illegal In Toledo, Ohio?

  • Sleeping or lying in particular public places
  • Lodging, living, or sleeping in vehicles (or parking a vehicle used as a lodging/living accommodation)
  • Loitering, loafing, and vagrancy – city wide (including bridge areas)
  • Loitering and loafing in particular public places

Ensure you understand what these terms mean, and where they may be illegal.

In Toledo, Ohio,  loitering is defined to mean, “remaining idle in essentially one location and includes the colloquial expression ‘hanging around.’” (Toledo Municipal Code – CHAPTER 509 – Disorderly Conduct and Peace Disturbance – Sec. 509.08.-Loitering)

The following resources will help you understand more about the laws in Toledo, Ohio:

3) Find Assistance

In addition to family-centered homeless shelters, there are additional resources in Toledo that your family can use. There are after-school programs at many of Toledo’s Public Schools and places to find clothing, food, and supplies for those in need.

After-School All-Stars Ohio

ASAS offers after-school programs to help children with homework and offer support.

Students currently enrolled in one of the following Toledo Public Schools are eligible to enroll in the After-School All-Stars Ohio program. Registration forms are available in the school’s main office. Space is limited.

Birmingham Elementary School
2222 Bakewell Street
Toledo, OH 43605
Grades: K-8
ASAS Site Coordinator: Jessica Chatman (   

Hawkins Elementary School
5550 W. Bancroft Street
Toledo, OH 43615
Grades: K-8
ASAS Site Coordinator: Johnna Bankston ( 

Reynolds Elementary School
5000 Norwich Road
Toledo, OH 43615
Grades: K-8
ASAS Site Coordinator: Danielle Reddick ( 

Walbridge Elementary School
1245 Walbridge Avenue
Toledo, OH 43609
Grades: K-8
ASAS Site Coordinator: Anthony Singer ( 

Cherry Street Mission Ministries

Cherry Street serves people in need by cooking them meals, offering housing, and encouraging hope to the homeless of Toledo.

Life Revitalization Center – Supportive services and resources are offered at the former Macomber High School.

Life Revitalization Center is located at:
Formerly Macomber High School
1501 Monroe Street
Toledo, OH 43604
Phone: 419-214-3007

Mac Street Cafe – Meals are served daily at Mac Street Cafe, located inside the Life Revitalization Center.

Meals served daily:
Breakfast 7 – 8:30 a.m.
Lunch 12 – 1:30 p.m.
Dinner 5:00 – 6:30 p.m.

Cherry Street Mission & Life Revitalization Center in Toledo, Ohio
Cherry Street Mission & Life Revitalization Center in Toledo, Ohio

Food For Thought Mobile Food Pantries

FFT’s Mobile Pantries carry both shelf-stable and fresh food choices to those experiencing food insecurity and do not have ready access to a pantry in their neighborhood. FTT visits multiple partner sites every month. Patrons only need to present a photo ID to receive service.

Call us: 419-972-0022
Send us an email:

Food For Thought Mobile Food Pantry Schedule

1st Tuesday: 4pm to 6pm
Nova Faith
5105 Glendale Ave.
Toledo, OH 43614

2nd Thursday: 4pm to 6pm
Waite High School
301 Morrison Dr.
Toledo, OH 43605

3rd Friday: 10am to Noon
Faith Community United Church,
1201 S. Byrne Rd.
Toledo, OH 43614

3rd Thursday: Noon to 2pm
Lott Industries
3350 Hill Ave.
Toledo, OH 43607

4th Tuesday: 4pm to 6pm
Scott High School
2400 Collingwood Blvd.
Toledo, OH 43620

*Please bring a photo ID if possible. Dates and times may change for holidays.

*Check our website,, for the most up to date pantry schedule.

*Have bags at home? Bring them to use or share!

St. Paul’s Community Center

Single Men’s Shelter & Single Women’s Shelter – St. Paul’s runs two shelters, one for single men and one for single women.

Winter Crisis Program – St. Paul’s opens its shelter doors on the coldest nights of the winter, and offers dinner, breakfast, hot showers, and clothing.

St. Paul’s Community Center Shelter is located at:
230 13th Street
Toledo, OH 43604

St. Paul's Community Center in Toledo, Ohio
St. Paul’s Community Center in Toledo, Ohio

Toledo Gospel Rescue Mission

TGRM helps restore, rebuild, and support Lucas County residents in need through shelters, meals, clothing, and programs.

Mission Mall – A place to find clothing and household items. Open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from noon to 2pm. Those in need can receive a specific number of items for free. Masks are required for entry.

Mission Mall is located at:
117 W. Woodruff @ Putnam St.
419-241-6579, extension 102 and leave a message.
To arrange the pick up of large donations you may call the truck driver message phone at 419-241-6579, prompt 4.

Outreach Center – Community-wide free meals are offered at TGRM’s Outreach Center each Saturday (except the second Saturday of each month) at 6pm.

Outreach Center is located at:
670 Phillips Ave. @ Vermaas
speak to John or Terri Nealy

4) Have a Pet? Here’s What to Do

Thankfully, more homeless shelters are welcoming their clients’ pets

According to The Fair Housing Center:

An emotional support animal is an animal (typically a dog or cat though this can include other species) that provides a therapeutic benefit to its owner through companionship. The animal provides emotional support and comfort to individuals with psychiatric disabilities and other mental impairments. The animal is not specifically trained to perform tasks for a person who suffers from emotional disabilities. Unlike a service animal, an emotional support animal is not granted access to places of public accommodation. Under the federal Fair Housing Act (FHA), an emotional support animal is viewed as a “reasonable accommodation” in a housing unit that has a “no pets” rule for its residents.

5) Keep Hope Alive

Stay positive during your transition from homelessness to housing. You can do it! We’ve seen hundreds of success stories from families throughout Toledo. Remember, 40% of Americans are just one paycheck away from poverty (2019 Prosperity Now Scorecard) – it can happen to anyone.

Tips to Staying Positive from

With the right attitude, losing your home can become an opportunity to make positive change. If you have been unhappy or unsatisfied with the circumstances of your life, now marks the moment when you are going to do things differently.

  • Circumstances are forcing you out of your home.
    The first step is to accept that you have to make dramatic changes.
  • You know losing your home is inevitable.
    Don’t wait until the last moment when all your money is gone.
  • You want a better life than most homeless people.
    Make a plan to create a new home . . . and stick to it.
  • You don’t want to get caught in a cycle that spirals from bad to worse.
    Let go of the past and be positive about the future.

(Read Soon to Be Homeless? by

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