Gina Martinez: Continuous Improvement Director

Gina has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a MS in Organizational Development.

Previously, Gina worked for Libbey since 2000, and held various positions, which include: Design Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Global Operations Excellence Project Manager, Corporate Engineering  Change Management and Development, and in 2019, she became the Corporate Manager Global Learning and Development.

In 2019, Gina joined the Leading Families Home (LFH) board and joined the Executive Board and became Secretary in 2020. She was asked by Tammy, LFH’s CEO, to work at LFH as the Continuous Improvement Director.

At LFH, Gina’s role is to identify, understand current processes, and bring structure, and acting upon opportunities for improvement. Her goal is to make internal processes easier, simpler, and more cost effective.

Gina notes that, in the early days of LFH and Beach House Family Shelter, the organization consisted of only a few people. However, due to the rapid expansion of the organization, processes need to be re-evaluated and streamlined to ensure the best possible outcomes for Participants and associates.

Gina sees herself as a facilitator. Her role is to collaborate with team members of LFH to understand their current processes and work together on ways to do things better.

Her main focus is to save money on operations, so that more resources can be used for Participants at the Shelter. Another focus of Gina’s is to improve working conditions for LFH associates, to ensure their happiness and safety while they work with Participants.

She hopes to build leaders within the organization – not only those who  hold current leaders and supervisors positions, but all staff and those who are coming into the organization and will become future leaders at LFH.

Gina notes that the main thing about leadership is that you must constantly learn. She constantly asks herself, “How do we continuously improve to build others?” She believes that servant leadership is key to building a thriving organization.

In her free time, Gina enjoys nature and crafts. She has a life-long love of creating art, and because of this, she works to get involved in any type of artistic project that she can. She spends a lot of time on fundraising by using her artistic abilities to help others.

She enjoys camping and recently purchased land and a lake so that she can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors with her wife.

Gina is passionate about being a role model to others. She believes that all people are equal and deserve respect, and she works to display this belief to others. She has a deep empathy for others, and believes in loving one another, no matter who they are. “We’re all human. We should all love each other.”


  • Integrity
  • Problem Solving
  • Managing/Leading Change
  • Managing Performance
  • Customer Orientation