At Leading Families Home, we work to transition families from homelessness to permanent housing. This process takes about a month or so, depending on the needs of the family and availability of affordable housing.

The housing process includes education, a rigorous inspection of the housing unit, and lease signing. Our Case Managers and Housing Inspection Specialists are there for our Participants from beginning to end.

Once housed, our Case Managers keep in contact with the family to ensure the family has the support needed to maintain tenancy. 

Every now and then, our tenants and landlords disagree on things. Many times, this involves a tenant’s requested repairs or improvements to the housing unit. If a housing unit is damaged in some way, it may exceed the amount of the tenant’s deposit. This can create a situation where a landlord may begin to lose money on the unit.

Recently, we found housing for a young couple and their two children. This was the first time the family had rented an apartment. 

Unfortunately, the family experienced rodent infestation after moving into their unit. The tenants alerted their landlord several times, but the predicament wasn’t resolved. 

The tenants were at a loss as to what to do. They decided that they would have to break their lease, in order to get out of the apartment unit and protect their children from the rodents.

Thankfully, they contacted their Case Manager before they moved forward with this decision. 

Had the tenants broken the lease without resolving the issue, they would have been exited from Leading Families Home housing program, which means they would stop receiving the support and resources that LFH provides. This could have put them back on the path the homelessness, if they were not employed and could not afford housing without the support of LFH. 

Instead, the tenants spoke to their Case Manager at LFH. She quickly secured emergency housing in our shelter for the family, to remove them from the threat of rodents in the unit. Their Case Manager also advocated on behalf of the family with the landlord, requesting a resolution to the conflict. 

The landlord agreed to let the family out of the lease without evicting them. An eviction on the tenants’ records would make it very difficult for them to secure housing in the future. 

This is a positive resolution to this conflict. The landlord was willing to work with our Participants and allowed them to exit the unit without escalating the problem. 

We find, many times, that our landlords are willing to work with LFH and our Participants – even young, first-time tenants. 

One of our Housing Inspection Specialists said, “I think this is a testimony to the legitimacy of what we do.  I think many of our landlords, whether they’re private or part of a larger corporation, know that our agency, the case managers, are involved with the Participants and will be responsive to the landlord’s concerns.

I think it also speaks to the value of what we do, and that many of the landlords feel that we are capable enough at our jobs to actually help our Participants to a better life.  Kind of like when you give money to a charity, you want to feel that the charity is legit and competent so your efforts aren’t wasted.

So while our Participants can present as rough around the edges, and need some patience and understanding, it’s always refreshing when the landlord goes that extra mile to work with us, and them, instead of resorting immediately to eviction/non-renewal of the lease.”

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