Meet Drew Masse, board member at Leading Families Home.

My name is Drew Masse, and I’m a board member at Leading Families Home. The way I got started in all this is that I became a board member of an organization called FOCUS in Toledo. What FOCUS did was give homeless families homes in the City of Toledo. It’s a rapid rehousing organization. I was a board member and later became president of that organization. Then, sometime after 2009, FOCUS merged with Beach House Emergency Family Shelter to become Leading Families Home. I became a board member of that organization.

What Resonates with You about Leading Families Home?

What resonates with me about Leading Families Home is the work that they do. They provide homes to hundreds of people in the City of Toledo, comprising about 12 city blocks.

v What we do at Leading Families Home is to take people off the street and get them back on their feet.

Tell Us About Beach House Family Shelter

Beach House Emergency Family Shelter provides rooms for hundreds of people. With all of our programs, we have less than 4% of people needing to re-enter that program once they get out of it. And we do this – provide all of these programs to people for less than five dollars per day per client.

Why Are You Passionate about Leading Families Home?

Why I’m passionate about Leading Families Home is the work that they do.

A minister I had once said that all religions, regardless of different belief systems, had one thing in common, and that is they provide a passionate response to human need and suffering. Well, that’s what Leading Families Home does. It is not a religion, but it does the work of a religion. It provides homes to homeless people in the City of Toledo, and it does it about as well as it can be done. That’s why I’m passionate about Leading Families Home.

You Can Change a Life

For our current and future Participants, the need for comprehensive services continues to grow. To meet that need, we have big plans. And big plans call for big dollars. We need your help. Will you partner with us to meet the needs of our community? You can give by PayPal, or by mailing a check to Leading Families Home, 2910 W. Central Avenue, Toledo, Ohio 43606.

Thank you for always being faithful partners in our mission — helping families transition from homelessness to permanent housing. Together we’ve got this.

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Leading Families Home is based in Toledo, Ohio. We are dedicated to fighting homelessness in our community – and we’d love your help! Please consider supporting our organization in one of the following ways:

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Every year we have a Match Campaign – an exciting way for you to double your impact. During this campaign, our match partners will match your monetary donation to Leading Families Home.

Match partners also include corporate sponsors who match their employees’ donations. If you’d like to participate, find out if your employer matches employee donations to 501(c)(3) organizations and contact us.

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A Planned Gift allows you to donate in a very meaningful way. Contact your financial advisor or estate planner to learn more.