By: | Published October 29, 2020
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Meet Peter & Valerie Garforth, long-time supporters of Leading Families Home. Valerie: I’m Valerie Garforth, and this is my husband Peter. Peter: I don’t speak. Valerie: He can speak when spoken to. How Did You Become Involved in Leading Families Home? Well, it goes back a long way, to I think …
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By: | Published September 7, 2020
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Meet LuCynthia Jones, Steps to Home Housing Director for Leading Families Home. In this 15-minute interview, LuCynthia shares information about her role as Housing Director, the latest updates in her department, and important certifications her team is working to achieve. My name is LuCynthia Jones, Steps …
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By: | Published July 28, 2020
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Gina Martinez: Continuous Improvement Director Gina has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a MS in Organizational Development. Previously, Gina worked for Libbey since 2000, and held various positions, which include: Design Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Global Operations Excellence Project Manager, Corporate Engineering  Change Management and Development, and …
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